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Welcome to Nemaco Technology's reference section that provides technical information for NEMA enclosures & specifications. Nemaco has dedicated a technical section for NEMA 2 enclosures, cabinets and boxes. In this section for the NEMA 2 Enclosures, you will find the basic information for the NEMA 2 rating, definition (specification) and related enclosure applications. Also, Nemaco can help you with NEMA 2 enclosures. Call Nemaco for your particular industrial, commercial or military enclosure application.

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NEMA 2 Type Enclosure Ratings & Defintions

Definition Intended for indoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection against limited amounts of falling dirt and water.

Usually, a low cost enclosure but suitable for clean and dry environments.

NEMA 2 Type Enclosure Examples

A typical example of NEMA 2 enclosure definition would be a metal box used for electrical controls in a lab or any indoor environment that is dry and there is no dripping pipes and rain. NEMA 2 Enclosures are typically lower cost enclosures made from sheet metal or plastic. The NEMA 2 enclosure is similar to the NEMA 1 enclosure, but the NEMA 2 has limited resistance to falling dirt and water. So basically it is box the keeps electrical wired away from humans but it has provides limited protection against falling dirt and water.

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Nemaco Technology Reference Section: Nema 2 Enclosure, Box, Cabinet - Definition & Rating

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