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NEMA 3 Enclosure, Box & Cabinet - Rating & Definition

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NEMA 3 Enclosure - Rain & Water Resistant for Electrical Wiring & Controls with rain shield & environmental dust seals

Welcome to Nemaco Technology's reference section that provides technical information for NEMA enclosures & specifications. Nemaco has dedicated a technical section for NEMA 3 enclosures, cabinets and boxes. In this section for the NEMA 3 enclosures, you will find the basic information for the NEMA 3 rating, definition (specification) and related enclosure applications. And listed below in the notes section, a comparison is done between the NEMA 3 enclosure and the NEMA 3R enclosure. Also, Nemaco can help you with NEMA 3 enclosure application. Call Nemaco for your particular industrial, commercial or military enclosure application.

Enjoy the material that we have prepared for you, and if you have any questions, please contact Nemaco by telephone or complete our contact form.

NEMA 3 Type Enclosure Ratings & Definitions

Definition Intended for indoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection against (hand) contact with enclosed equipment.

Notes for NEMA 3 Enclosure

Note 1: Usually, a lower to medium cost enclosure depending upon many factors: enclosure size, materials (carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.), finish coatings (powder coat, paint, marine epoxy, anodized for aluminum, etc.) and any other unique specifications.

Note 2: NEMA 3 Enclosure should have environmental gaskets or seals to keep out any windblown dust according to the NEMA 3 enclosure specification. But a NEMA 3R enclosure does not require to keep out windblown dust and therefore, typically, a NEMA 3R enclosure is not required to have have environmental gaskets or seals.

NEMA 3 Enclosure Applications

Indoor Lab or Industrial Structure Example

A typical example of NEMA 3 enclosure would be a metal box used for electrical controls in a lab or any indoor environment that is dry and but there might be dripping pipes.

Outdoor Electrical Controls or Junction & Pull Box Example

A typical example of NEMA 3 enclosure would be a metal box used for electrical controls on generator skid or rotating equipment. The advantage of the NEMA 3R Enclosure has seals to keep out windblown dust and also, it can resist falling rain. In a cold environment, the NEMA 3 enclosure should have some resistance to the formation of ice so it can be opened and closed. Therefore, the NEMA should resist water on the seals if possible and the water should drip off the enclosure.

Call or send Nemaco if you have any questions about your particular NEMA 3 enclosure application and unique specifications.

Note: Nemaco Technology, LLC has provided this information as courtesy to potential customers and engineering companies for basic conceptual information and applications. Customers should select enclosures and materials based on their particular application. All of the contents of this website is the property of Nemaco Technology, LLC. All rights reserved. The information is subject to change without notice.

Nemaco Technology Reference Section: Nema 3 Enclosure, Box, Cabinet - Definition & Rating

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