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Welcome to Nemaco's custom metal enclosure section that provides information for many types of custom metal enclosures, cabinets and boxes. Nemaco has dedicated this custom enclosure section as an overview of the many types of custom enclosures and style available.

Enjoy the material that we have prepared for you, and if you have any questions, please call Nemaco by telephone or complete our contact form. We will be glad to help you with custom enclosures, cabinets and boxes on your projects.

In other words, this is a basic summary of the custom metal enclosures available and types of ratings for each NEMA enclosure if applicable. In the other specialized technical reference sections there are detailed descriptions available of the each type of custom NEMA Enclosures and Tigerbox™ enclosures. Nemaco provides some samples of the custom NEMA type enclosures in the the other sections.

Nemaco™ - The Top Source for Custom NEMA Enclosure & Cabinet Designs

Nemaco™ - Custom NEMA 4x Enclosure, 316 Stainless Steel, Nemaco Technology, LLC - USA

As an electrical enclosure, cabinet and box source, we offer a wide selection of products that range from custom metal brackets to cooled NEMA 4X enclosures. However, Nemaco's main product line is the electrical enclosures for huge array of commercial and industrial applications. For some common size enclosures, Nemaco has some product stock that can ship to to customers quickly. But the main advantage that Nemaco offers is high quality custom enclosures with reasonable product delivery.

Nemaco offers Stainless Steel Custom Enclosures that are both non-rated and NEMA 4x rated for customer applications. The Tigerbox™ style enclosures, cabinets and boxes are manufactured in product families that include JIC continuous hinge cover enclosures, lexan clear windows, single door enclosures, dual-access double door enclosures, drip shields, long-life environmental seals and custom powdercoat/epoxy paints for the each particular applicsation.

Custom - Carbon Steel Metal - NEMA Electrical Enclosures

And Nemaco offers Carbon Steel Enclosures, Cabinets and Boxes that include the NEMA 3, NEMA 3R, NEMA 4 and NEMA 12 ratings. The product selection does include JIC wall mounted enclosures, single door enclosures, Tigerbox™ series enclosures, free-standing single door and double door enclosures and floor mounted double door enclosures. All of the Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Carbon Steel standard NEMA enclosure designs and the custom NEMA enclosure designs are supplied with the available interior sub-panels. The interior sub-panels are made from cold-rolled steel, aluminum or stainless depending the customer's requirements.

Custom - Aluminum - NEMA Electrical Enclosures

Nema Technology's Aluminum Enclosures, Cabinets and Boxes are available in non-rated and NEMA 4x rated styles and include the following series: single door enclosures, JIC continuous hinge enclosures, even and smooth cover enclosures, small screw cover boxes, hinged latched cabinets, 1/4 turn latch (twist latch) enclosures, quick release latch enclosures, large electrical control cabinets and pushbutton controls enclosures.

Custom - Metal - Enclosure, Box & Cabinet Manufacturing

Nemaco Technology has the manufacturing resources with associated partner companies to bend, CNC punch, laser cut, deburr, drill, sand blast, surface finish, powder coat and epoxy coat custom metal parts for almost any industrial application. Nemaco provide many powder coating colors, marine epoxy coatings for any custom carbon steel enclosure, box or cabinet. Also, Nemaco in conjunction with partner companies can provide electrial anodizing and Alodine surface coating processes for custom aluminum parts. Of course you can call Nemaco for additional information for any of Nemaco's Tigerbox™ enclosure products or any of the fabrication services your products.

300 Series (304, 316) Stainless Custom Cabinets Available

Nemaco offers custom manufactured enclosures in the 300 series of stainless steel (304,316, 316L, etc.) for an assortment of options to your projects.

Stainless Steel Corrosion Protection and Custom Industrial Coatings

Nemaco offers chemical corrosion processes to provide additional enclosure surface protection from rust and surface damage. Nemaco can provide pickling and passivation, electropolishing and marine grade epoxys for some applications to any custom stainless steel enclosure. Call Nemaco or send an email for additional information about corrosion protection and custom industrial coatings.

Since Nemaco can offer a large selection, both economical price and value added price levels for high quality electrical and electronic enclosures, economical ground shipping, customization for your project in shape and sizes, then Nemaco is the ideal electrical supply source for your custom NEMA electrical enclosure, box & cabinet designs.

Call Nemaco for your Custom Enclosure, Cabinet and Metal Fabrication Projects.

Nemaco™ offers Custom NEMA Electrical Enclosure Solutions.

Note: Nemaco Technology, LLC has provided this information as courtesy to potential customers and engineering companies for basic conceptual information and applications. Customers should select enclosures and materials based on their particular application. All of the contents of this website is the property of Nemaco Technology, LLC. All rights reserved. The information is subject to change without notice.

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